About Iridium

The World’s Only Truly Global Mobile Satellite Communications Company

About Iridium

Iridium Communications LLC is a Russian company licensed to provide Iridium services within Russia. Commercial Iridium services in Russia were launched in the second quarter of 2012.

In order to avoid disruption of service, subscribers based or travelling in Russia, must register their SIM card or Iridium SBD Device with Iridium Russia. Please see our Russian SIM Registration overview for more information on registering your Iridium technology – Registration.

Russian law requires Russian residents to purchase Iridium equipment and airtime services from licensed Iridium Russian Partners. For more information please contact a Service Provider or visit – How to Buy.

Registration information is provided for compliance with Russian telecommunications regulatory requirements. Iridium Communications LLC will use and disclose registration information only to meet its obligations under Russian law. Subscribers registering their Iridium device are responsible for the accuracy of their data entered and registration is only possible through your service provider or by visiting the Registration page. If you have any questions or concerns about registration, please contact your service provider or Iridium Communications LLC.

Iridium Communications Inc. provides a link to the Iridium Communications LLC registration website as a courtesy to our valued subscribers. Iridium Communications Inc. is not involved with or responsible for the registration process or this registration website, which is separate from www.iridium.com.

Iridium Makes Maritime History

On May 21, 2018, the International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee officially recognized Iridium to provide GMDSS services. By 2020, Iridium expects to provide mariners with a GMDSS solution that will offer secure, reliable, and truly global voice and data GMDSS communications in a single, small-form-factor maritime mobile terminal – at a fraction of the price of competing solutions.

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