Iridium delivers the only truly global mobile satellite service in the world.

66 Low-Earth Orbit Satellites
6 in-orbit spares
9 ground spares as backup

Iridium is forging ahead with its uncompromising vision for the future of global communications.

Iridium's groundbreaking next generation satellite constellation will deliver exciting new innovations and opportunities, while ensuring continued high performance and reliability for all existing Iridium-enabled solutions far into the future.

Iridium NEXT incorporates the best capabilities supported by the current Iridium network – plus an array of truly remarkable enhancements and innovations.

A uniquely sophisticated constellation

Like Iridium's current satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT will deploy a cross-linked Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) architecture, providing coverage over 100 percent of the earth's surface, including across oceans, airways and polar regions.


Driving an evolution in global communications

Broadband: Iridium will be uniquely positioned to offer a diverse portfolio of faster and more affordable global broadband services and devices.

M2M: Higher speeds and bandwidth will unlock new possibilities in asset tracking, fleet management and other intelligent data applications.

Land Mobile: Iridium® handheld device users will benefit from an even more powerful and reliable enhanced personal communications network.


The power to transform business with truly revolutionary partnerships

As a founding member of the Hosted Payload Alliance (HPA) and a recognized industry leader, Iridium continues to be a leader and visionary with the innovative Iridium NEXT and Iridium PRIME℠ payload programs.

The first turnkey payloads solution

Designed to reduce the complexity and costs of access to space-based services, Iridium PRIME offers customers a unique opportunity to place payloads on dedicated additional satellites that can fly within the Iridium NEXT constellation.


Countdown to Launch

Working in close collaboration with prime contractor Thales Alenia Space, and launch provider SpaceX, Iridium is on track to fully replace its current satellite constellation and continues to achieve key milestones in its comprehensive plan for funding, building and launching Iridium NEXT by the end of 2017.

A truly global collaborative effort

All around the world, the brightest aerospace and telecommunications engineers are working alongside the best technicians and project managers to make the bold vision that is Iridium NEXT a reality.