Iridium Burst®

Iridium Burst®

Introducing the first one-to-many global data broadcast service

Iridium Burst® is a new service that makes it possible to transmit data to tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of enabled devices at a time using the world's most robust satellite network – with a pricing structure that doesn't break the bank.

Highly Cost Effective

Delivers data to an unlimited number of enabled devices within a targeted geographic region at a fraction of the cost of comparable services.

Powerful Transmission

High-powered satellite transmissions penetrate buildings, partial obstructions and weather phenomenon to reach enabled devices.

Quick Delivery

Transmits highly actionable, customer-specific information in near real-time — often in under 20 seconds.

Stealth Mode

Iridium Burst-enabled devices can be configured as receive-only so that no transmissions are made, a feature valued highly by some customer segments.

Secure Communications

Customer-defined closed user groups ensure that only authorized devices may see the data received.

Robust Technology

Iridium Burst service receivers are small, light and meet many environmental standards. Iridium will have an Iridium 9602-based Iridium Burst enabled device at service launch, followed by an Iridium 9603

Data Format Agnostic

Iridium Burst can transmit data in any format desired.

Ease of Use

The ability to send one transmission to thousands of devices simplifies the management of message delivery, especially to high device-density locations.

Global Reach

The service is available from anywhere to everywhere on the planet.

Reliability Above All sm

In early 2019, Iridium completed the $3 billion Iridium NEXT mission, which completely replaced the first-generation Iridium constellation. With an upgraded network, Iridium is poised now more than ever to meet the growing demand for global communications on land, at sea, and in the skies – far into the future.

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