Monitoring of Vehicles with Geological Equipment

Monitoring of Vehicles with Geological Equipment

The Bashneftegeofizika is an integrated group of companies joining enterprises developing the geophysical services and equipment and one of the largest Russia organizations by the scope and variety of the geological works performed.

The Bashneftegeofizika has set the task on remote:

  • fuel monitoring
  • speed control
  • location monitoring
  • use of emergency button.

The majority of the Company trucks operate in remote regions without cellular communication, so they need a satellite communication channel.

The field testing performed has allowed to determine that in order to optimize the Company expenditures for traffic a dual-mode operation may be used. For that purpose, the Naviset GT-20 dual-range GSM/Iridium tracker, which uses the SBD service in satellite mode, has been chosen.

Volume of the transmitted data per month is 10–50 kb.

Outfit capacity is over 50 items.

Reliability Above All sm

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