Monitoring of Geological Exploration Crews

Monitoring of Geological Exploration Crews

The A.P. Karpinsky All-Russian Institute of Geological Research — the State Research and Development Institute. Subordinated to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation and the Russia Federal Agency on Mineral Resources.

In 2018 the Geological Institute purchased eighty Iridium360 RockSTAR satellite trackers-communicators for instrumentation support of forty geological exploration crews performing survey works in behalf of the Russia Federal Agency on Mineral Resources. The works were carried out on a quite immense territory, including Eastern Siberia, Sakhalin and Kurils, the islands in the Arctic Ocean. The communicators were used in combination with Iridium360 portal. The portal capabilities allowed to provide the Institute services heads with live data on location and situation of the crews, as well as to monitor the bandwidth consumption. To coordinate activities while being "in field" (e.g., agree the meeting point), the employees communicated with each other using the communicators, they had possibility to send and receive messages (e-mail, SMS) from their relatives.

This time, the management board plans to improve the ways of the communicators use by means of application of the BySky messenger.

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In early 2019, Iridium completed the $3 billion Iridium NEXT mission, which completely replaced the first-generation Iridium constellation. With an upgraded network, Iridium is poised now more than ever to meet the growing demand for global communications on land, at sea, and in the skies – far into the future.

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