Monitoring and Log Collection from Harvesters

Monitoring and Log Collection from Harvesters

The Titan Group of Companies is a large multidiscipline holding in the Russia North-West. Main areas, from which the Titan GC has begun its development, are harvesting and processing of wood.

To prevent the stealing of wood during harvesting, the Company has installed a system for acquisition of data on amount and species of wood harvested on its harvesters. Since the cutovers are located in distant regions without any land-line networks, the demand for a satellite communication channel for transmission of logs on operation of the harvester and use of alarm button in case of emergencies. Logs are shaped and transmitted to the Company dispatch centre every 8 hours by the shift handover on harvester.

Analysis of the data transmitted allowed to determine that it is necessary to use the CSD service for transmission of logs, since the volume of the data transmitted per month exceeds one megabyte. The Stecmatrix tracker has been chosen as the transmission device.

Volume of data per month is 1 Mb.

Outfit capacity is over 500 items.

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