Monitoring of the Schlumberger Oil and Gas Equipment

Monitoring of the Schlumberger Oil and Gas Equipment

The Schlumberger Company is the leading global provider of technologies for comprehensive reservoir assessment, well construction, hydrocarbon production and processing control. To monitor the equipment condition and to ensure its timely servicing in all regions of the world, the Company needs to collect data from each equipment item. The Schlumberger tested several models of the Iridium satellite-aided trackers and data transmission protocols. Basing on the results of testing, the Assetlink ARZ tracker, which is an Iridium/GPS device based on the Iridium 9602 modem for transmission of the service equipment coordinates and telematics data via SBD. 

The ARZ will be used for tracking of various types of the oil field equipment, which is used for production, maintenance, repair and other purposes. The tracker ensures the following:

  • Transmission of the service equipment coordinates.
  • Transmission of the equipment operation parameters.
  • Monitoring of leased equipment.

The Company has fitted over seven hundred service equipment items in Russia with the trackers and plans to outfit over 1300 equipment items more in total.

Reliability Above All sm

In early 2019, Iridium completed the $3 billion Iridium NEXT mission, which completely replaced the first-generation Iridium constellation. With an upgraded network, Iridium is poised now more than ever to meet the growing demand for global communications on land, at sea, and in the skies – far into the future.

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