Monitoring of the Komatsu Construction and Mine Machinery

Monitoring of the Komatsu Construction and Mine Machinery

The Komatsu Company is the global leader in manufacturing of the construction and mine machinery. The main activity of the Company that made the Komatsu trademark recognizable is manufacture of construction machinery, machines for mining industry, industrial equipment and electronics. The manufacturer needs to get data on operation of its machines from any spot of the Earth for monitoring of target application of the equipment and provision of spare part delivery in time. For that purpose, the Komatsu has developed a Komtrax tracker, in which the Iridium 9523 Core modem is used and data are transmitted via SBD and CSD. The coordinates and course are transmitted via SBD and the reports on the engine and machinery operation — via CSD.

The Iridium satellite-aided trackers allow the Company to monitor position and course of the machines, acquire telematics data for analysis of operation of engines and machinery and for predictive maintenance.

When using the Iridium trackers, the manufacturers are able to monitor and acquire the following data from the machines:

  • Machine coordinates and course
  • Data on the engine operation
  • Parameters of the machinery operation

The Komatsu is planning to fit out about 1000 items of its equipment in Russia with the Komtrax satellite-aided trackers.

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