Monitoring of Telemetry and Control of Transformers

Monitoring of Telemetry and Control of Transformers

The "Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West", Public Joint-Stock Company is a part of the group of companies "Rosseti" and carries out its activities within the territories of 7 constituent entities of the Federation located in the North-Western region.

The IDGC of the North-West plans to create its own network Lora for remote monitoring and control of the equipment. However, use of the Lora network is not cost-effective for 15% of the transformer substations, therefore the IDGC plans to use the Iridium network for these transformers.

The IDGC needs to monitor the following parameters of transformer substations in distant regions: temperature, voltage, frequency and intrusion.

Analysis of the transmitted data allowed to determine that their volume per month does not exceed a hundred of kilobytes, which made possible to use the SBD service for the transformers.

Outfit capacity is about 6000 pcs. over the course of several years.

Reliability Above All sm

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